Nutrition Therapy and Consulting

Taking CARE of your nutritional needs.... one client at a time


Our Services

At Care360, we are proud to provide the following services: 

Individual Counseling

Our Registered Dietitian will design a personalized meal program that is healthy, practical, and based on current evidence-based medicine. You can come to our office or we will go to a location which is convenient for you.

Our nutrition therapy services include:

  • Weight Loss - we can help you to lose weight and continue to enjoy life 
  • Bariatric Surgery Counseling - to find out if bariatric surgery is really fit you or not
  • Diabetes Management - to better control your blood sugar thought diet modification
  • Gestational Diabetes Management - to ensure you and your baby can stay healthy during pregnancy
  • Heart Health - to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure by changing your diet
  • Digestive Disorders - gluten-free diet? We can help!
  • Kidney Disease - we can help you to increase the "life-span" of your kidney
  • Senior Nutrition - how to eat and stay healthy in your golden years
  • Enteral Nutrition - to customize a nutrition "recipe" to fit your nutritional needs

    Healthcare Consulting

    Our team of dietitians have more than 20 years of combined experience and we offer consulting services to long term care facilities, assisted and independent living communities, adult day health care centers and acute care hospitals.

    Our consulting services include:

    Menu Planning - all menus are customized and cultural sensitive
    Nutrition Analysis - we can provide a complete nutritional analysis on the recipe you provided
    Nutrition Care Process - we can assist your facility to implement this process in order to increase reimbursements
    Nutrition Informatics - we can assist your facility to go "paper-less"
    Regulatory Compliance - we can revise and review your policies to ensure they are compliance with regulations
    Disaster Planning - we can help planning your disaster menu with nutrition analysis
    Kitchen Inspection - our ServSafe® certified dietitians will provide you a written report after each inspection
    Clinical Nutrition Management - we can assist you in determining your staffing needs
    Survey-Ready Preparation - we have lots of experience on TJC, county and state surveys
    Staff Training and Education
    - we can provide in services in your facility per your request

    Corporate Wellness

    Our term of experts can come and teach your employees on how to eat and stay healthier. By improving your employees' health, you will enjoy the benefits of:
    • Optimizing employee performance
    • Reducing lost wages related to sick leave
    • Improving employee satisfaction
    • Decreasing risk of developing future nutrition-related diseases
    • Happier, healthier employees lead to a healthier and more productive work environment 

    Staffing Needs

    If you need a permanent staff (Registered Dietitian, Certified Dietary Manager, Food Service Director) or just require someone for interim coverage, we can help! Give us a call today.
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